This Instant Espresso is Good



I love a big cup of coffee, made fresh in a coffee press, to savor and sip during morning rituals (Les matins).  Though I’ll oft crave a second cup,  it induces caffeine overdrive, so I was looking for a way to make a smaller brew.

Normally I shun the chemical taste of instant coffee powder, but noticed a number of good stores carrying Medaglia d’Oro espresso powder, and the price was right, so I gave it a shot.  A lucky shot, because this makes a remarkably good cup of coffee, small, quick, and short on the caffeine.

It makes a better cup of coffee than it does a cup of espresso, so I add 5 ounces of hot water rather than the 3 ounces suggested on the label.

Instant coffee has about 60 mg. of caffeine for each rounded teaspoon used to make it.

By the way, I really don’t mind if people pronounce it expresso.