Quick Natural Cure for Warts



When John was complaining about chronic foot pain, I told him to wait a few days, hoping it would go away like most maladies.  Unfortunately it got worse, so I took a look, and saw 2 plantar warts on each foot, with one of them taking over the bottom of his piggy toe.

Wart treatments in the drugstore promised results after 4 weeks, so we decided to do a natural cure that I’d heard about–tea tree oil.  There were several brands at Whole Foods, very expensive as usual, but I found this cheap one for $6.00.  It was Tea Tree Oil with bonus Vitamin E.

I took a Q-tip, dipped it into the bottle, a dabbed it on a wart. Then I dipped the other end of the Q-tip and did the same with the other wart (no double-dipping!) and repeated on the other foot.

John didn’t want Band-aids to cover it, so he put on socks and shoes.  Nothing really happened for about 4 days. The next day we noticed the warts were smaller, and the next day they all started to get little black spots. The boy was grossed out, and thought they were turning into tumors, but I could tell the spots were the death-knell for the shrinking warts.

The plantars got smaller and blacker over the next few days, and 2 weeks after treatment started, all 4 of John’s warts fell off the same day.  We’re keeping the bottle around, as Tea Tree Oil works on all kinds of skin fungus (too nasty to show).  We’re not too big on natural cures, as most of the ones we’ve tried don’t work, but it’s definite recommend for Tea Tree Oil.

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