1.  Cocktails

Best Cheap Margaritas for a Party

Manhattan Cocktail with Rye Whiskey

Jack & Coke: The Right Mix

Original Mojito Recipe: Hierbabuena, Not Spearmint

The Best Gin & Tonic from England and Spain

Great Rum for a Daiquiri

Best Gin for a Martini

A Good Bourbon for a Mint Julep

Premium Margarita with Cointreau

Dark ‘n Stormy

A Better Sidecar Recipe Than the Original

Pimm’s Cup Recipe

Scotch & Green Tea

Jameson Irish Whiskey and Q Ginger Ale

Hong Kong Cognac

                                                   Classic Food – The Right Flavors

2.  Appetizers & Snacks       

A Special Trick to Improve  Guacamole

How To Pop Popcorn in a Pan

3.   Beef 

Put a Perfect Sear on a Hamburger    

4.   Bread & Biscuit  


5.   Breakfast

Baking Bacon is the Best Way To Make It 

Fry Hash Browns in Olive Oil & Butter

Awesome Easy Pancakes

French Toast with Black Pepper

Best Way to Fry Eggs

6.   Chicken   

Chicken or Turkey Stuffing   

7.   Drinks       

This Instant Espresso is Good

Very Good Low-Priced Coffee

8.   Cookies & Cake

9.   Dessert

10.   Pasta & Rice        

Asian Rice Without a Rice Cooker

How to Cook Brown Rice. Do Not Cook It Like White Rice

11.   Pie & Pastry       

Cool Summer Blueberry Pie (15 Minutes to Make)

12.  Pork

13.   Sandwiches

The Right Heat for a Grilled Cheese Sandwich     

How to Pan-Grill Hot Dogs for More Flavor

14.   Sauces        

Spicy Sriracha Mayo

Kewpie Japanese Mayonnaise

What is the Best Barbecue Sauce for Pork? For Beef? For Chicken?

15.   Seafood

16.   Soup & Salad

17.   Southwest       

Make Hatch Green Chile Sauce               

18.   Vegetables       

The Best Way to Cook Broccoli is Also the Easiest

Campari Tomatoes Taste Almost Like Home-Grown



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